Negative Space

The vast area with nothing on it is one of the elements which make any composition stand out. It will draw us to spots where we can find peace, stillness, and silence. The muteness will elevate our subject, goals, aspirations; And it somewhat plays a big part in our story. There is beauty in negative spaces. There is.

In some aspects, we might say that the negative space makes it perfect. But nothing is perfect that has ever existed and still exists. The silence of pitch-black can create a ringing sound that can't be heard but only seen. The stillness of the empty space is not perceived by our sense of sight, and it can only be observed by listening to it. It is a medium that heightens our sensation, our awareness, and it is where all the things come together. It is where the battle thrives, in filling up the negative space; To make the masterpiece come to life - the quest for perfection.

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