Why Photography? Why Street Photography?

Everything moves so fast as well as our lives. We often don't notice the beauty in motion, the stunning shapes surrounding us, the rhythm of human creativity, and the energy that pops up only at night. The unusual in the usual is always beside us, and sometimes they are already in front of us, waiting for us to notice them. I began to go out and look for something in the streets. I closed one eye and tried to see what was happening around me, and that moment, I decided to get a camera and take some photos of what the street offered to me. I was stunned. Human expressions, body language, lights, shadows, and the crisp lines in every architecture... I was amazed at what I saw.

Streets are amazing, will show the beauty of it in unexpected ways. It made me appreciate the small things, a simple smile or even a frown on people's faces. Photographing the streets gave me the confidence to talk to the people. Provoking verbal, physical, and emotional responses is a game-changer. Bringing out the stories in an unanimated subject and the complexity of uncovering the movements in empty spaces is a tough task. In that sense, I guess, made street photography a difficult one to master. That makes it truly interesting. Human connection is always one of the best subjects and the best therapy ever existed.


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