We Have A Choice

Hello Peoples.. I'm back! How's everybody? Hope everyone is safe and smashing this mid-year. I hope this blog post can help you guys sort out things that will be beneficial especially to those who study or work abroad :) 2020 has been so much challenging since the first day of the year kicked in. Hearing both local and international news every single day was stressful. Unprecedented catastrophes in different parts of the world like tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes, riots and tensions between east and west, and surging cases of an unknown virus. . .(sigh) those are just a few of what we got this year.

I stumbled across the web and found out some insights into an online forum addressing the massive global health threats of the decade. With rising cases of chronic diseases worldwide, climate crisis, and surfacing of strange infections, our health is at stake. Stress is inevitable, and too much of it can eventually affect all aspects of our holistic health.

Seeing what is happening in the world is a burden on our mental and social well-being, thinking where in the world can we find a safe place to live. Our home is considered one of the safest places, but how about people who are living far away from their homes? Surviving in a foreign land is quite daunting. While health threats are evolving, anxiety will always be around the corner. Psychological and emotional stress will always be inside our pockets. We can never tell what lies ahead of us.

Landing a job or studying overseas for a long time is truly a tough challenge. Given that homesickness, social pressure and adapting to a different kind of environment we may feel sometimes, it's kinda hard to balance work and life at the same time. Exploring new things, engaging in some activities, and keeping our spirits high are just a few things we tend to do when we are out of our comfort zone. We unconsciously burn ourselves out and eventually get sick, and when that time comes, it's really hard for us find someone to lean on. Someone who will take care of us.

So, How can we take care of ourselves?


We need assistance. We need a backup.

And we have a choice.

We need to start investing in our health and well being. Acquiring reliable insurance will always be a good investment this time. With immediate assistance 24/7, quick and efficient services anywhere around the world, getting full protection will offer us the peace of mind that we need and enjoyment in every single opportunity along the way while smashing life overseas. (Click here)

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