Understanding Style Archetypes

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Hello peoples! I hope everyone is oozing with positive vibes. When it comes to dressing up, every one of us has its own repeated themes or preset styles that we follow every day. We have that specific scheme of clothes and distinct types of shirts, pants, and shoes that we usually wear. It somehow creates a statement in everyone's personality under the different sorts of style archetypes. Knowing your style archetype will help you understand and appreciate your uniqueness as an individual.

What is a style archetype? Well, it is a collection of looks or attributes which depends on everyone's lifestyle and personality. There are lots of style blogs on the web that tackles different types of it and give better definitions of each. Along with the broad category of looks in the world of styling, some refined traditionalists are very particular about the rules of tailoring, and on the other hand, some normcores are so effortless and consider comfort as upfront. Some hipsters rock the streets with the influence of pop culture and indie vibes while there are some hypebeasts in their oversized shirts and collab sneakers which are imposing a bold statement in the urban fashion scene. Combining some style archetypes are so common and mixing some style adds variety in the vast spectrum of men's fashion.

Reading some relevant blogs about style archetypes presented an idea of who I am through what I'm wearing. I am into comfort rather than avant-garde/eclectic in choosing clothes or apparels where little efforts are required when it comes to styling. Basics are my thing most of the time while I tend to get that Islander look when I travel. In some cases, where my adrenaline gets high, wanting to hit the gym and get those errands done, I usually mix sporty with different looks and still get that refined, classy appearance.

Incorporating different type of looks with a little bit of creativity according to your mood and your vibe is sometimes quite challenging, but it's a fun way of understanding and knowing who you are.

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