TIME TO RAISE THE BAR : Start with a new hairstyle.

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Hey, Gents! Do you feel that you’re stuck on every day’s same old routine? Or seems a little bit haggard of every day’s pressure? It stumbled across my mind how to change that feeling most of us guys deal every day, may it on work, personal or social life. Well, I think it’s time to break some rules and get a bit mischievous (*wink). Think about sporting a new look. Start with rocking a new hairstyle.

Whaaaat!? A Hairstyle?

Yep. Sporting a new hairstyle. It's a game changer, nowadays. Whenever you see yourself in front of the mirror with a great haircut, you tend to get excited, it will affect your mood and will radiate that positive vibes to other people. Having a great one will make you admire yourself a bit more and get the confidence you need to face the world.

How to nail it? Know the basic rules, bud. Such hairstyles will make or break you.

#1. Choose the right haircut or hairstyle according to the shape of your face.

A lot of articles in the web talks about the appropriate hairstyle for men according to face shapes. Here are some of the tips from www.menshairstylenow.com

Oval Face - a comb-over fade or a slicked back undercut.

Square Face - a pompadour, an undercut on the side or a buzz cut.

Round Face - spiky hair, a faux hawk or a French crop.

Rectangular Face - crew cut or buzz cut.

Triangular Face - side part, comb-over, short pompadour, and a quiff.

Diamond Face - faux hawk, brush-up, long slicked back or a comb-over.

Visit www.menshairstylenow.com for more details.

#2. Get some inspirations

Think of your fave public figure, celebrity or a famous personality. You can get a lot of inspirations from them. If you have a hard time to find a magazine to browse, use your phone and access the internet. There are plenty of ideas you can get from the tip of your fingers. Take a screenshot of some hairstyles you wanted to try, trust me, and you’ll need it.

Some popular YouTubers like Alex Costa, Jose Zuniga and Joseph Andrews can give you a lot of hairstyle ideas.

#3. Find a good and passionate barber

Explore your area and find barbers that don’t just to give you a haircut but can help you pull off a right hairstyle. Gather some reviews and testimonials from the neighborhood if these barbershops are worthy to spend some bucks. Well, it’s better to get good results from people who are passionate about what they are doing, right? Then ask for some advice from


#4. Experiment

Now you got a new style, learn to experiment with some products that work on you. Products by Blumaan from pre to post-stylers really works on me. But there are still lots in the market like the American Crew and Suavecito Pomades which are also considered top-notch in hairstyling for men. Grab one and start experimenting your new look.

#5. Simply, rock it.

Time to step out from your comfort zone, own that new look of yours, and it will take you to another height. Step up your game and let your hairstyle do the talking :) At the end of the day, see the difference.

Appearance doesn't only reflect how you are as a person. It also boosts self-esteem that every man needs to face the pressures of everyday life. Why not try? Hmmm...It might change the way how all those stressors deal with you.

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