Tie-Dye Love

Hello peoples! Everyone or almost all of us are waiting for the exciting summer season and longing for that great time to bask under the sun. I'm always excited to hit the season going to the beach, smash the steamy summer nights and of course, getting my style on point. This time, I just wanna get that relaxed yet a striking expression, and I got hooked with the oversized TIE-DYES and BATIKS which I guess is perfect for summer. A lot of us guys wanted to spend those hot days away from the hustle and bustle of the city, pack our bags and head to the best beaches and islands across the globe, blend with the locals and enjoy the simple life under the palm trees and great beaches.

I spent a weekend on one of the top summer destinations in the Philippines, Boracay Island, which is now gaining attention after the massive Island rehabilitation. What I love about the Island is it offers a lot of stuff including unique pieces of shirts and accessories, and you don't need to spend a lot in getting a good one. Walking along the shops greeted me with different varieties of stylish shirts and garments, and I found the perfect summer style - The Tie-dyes and Batiks. These styles are just a reflection of the creativity of the Island people and show how artistic Asians are. Tie-Dyes are popular way back the ancient times and still rocking till today's age. It may be waxed and wane sometimes, but these styles are loved by a lot of people all around the world.

So, what made me choose to rock the tie-dyes and batiks this season? Those bold colors and striking prints are very contrasting in the laidback vibe of the Island. I pick colors that are so close to nature like the earthy tones of browns, yellows, and greens, which makes me blend and connected with the environment but still stands out.

Looking for style inspo this summer?

Considering tie-dyes and batiks definitely stepped up my game.

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