The Right Cut

How are we guys?!

It has been a struggle for me having a right hairstyle that can hold for long hours, and since my hair is not that manageable unlike those who are blessed haha, I need to have a good fix with mine. I tried so many barbershops and tested many hair products, but it didn't work for me. Achieving a desirable hairstyle doesn't only depend on the pomades, clays, or waxes we put on our hair, but it starts with a good haircut. After getting tired of having "I don't know what's goin' on" kind of hairstyle, I scouted some best barbershops that don't just cut hair but also have the passion for helping those guys look best through the right hairstyle. Walking along the streets of Kampong Bahru, I found a barbershop within an attic. So, I tried to let them fix my stubborn hair, and I was surprised by the result, which makes me keep on coming back. Deep Cuts Barbers, a hidden gem for the gents, is providing top-notch service in men's grooming. The good fellows of DeepCuts know how to flip their scissors, stroke the brush, and handle the razors. The best thing while getting my hair done is they give expert opinions on how to style such haircut.

For those guys who want to experience a good kind of haircut and styling in the red dot, book an appointment online, and they'll ping a confirmation at your email. Plus, you'll receive a reminder, hours before your appointment time, so you don't have to worry about forgetting.

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