The Little Red Dot

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

I am already staying in Singapore for a year, and the little red dot never gave me any disappointment from the start when I first step into its ground. Knowing the total land area, I told myself “ Can I stay here for a long time? “

I have met a lot of people may it locals or foreigners, listen to their stories and experiences in this tiny but wealthy country and it’s quite interesting that made me move my feet to explore the essence of its beauty.

With approximately 720 sq km land area, this multicultural country has a lot to offer. From the most iconic Merlion and Marina Bay Sands down to its hole-in-the-walls, this tiny rich country is one of the best places not just in Asia but in the whole planet.

A lot of you guys want to ask me “ What’s in it?”

Kampong Glam - This is a diverse area of Malay and Arab heritage where you can find a sultan mosque, a lot of shops that showcases the Arabian and Malay art. Haji Lane, which is famous to the tourists is located in this area. If you’re feeling an indie-hipster vibe, this place

is for you.

Little India - If you want to visit India, this place will take you there. The authentic Indian cuisine which I genuinely love will make you feel euphoric. Hindu temples are everywhere as well as Indian shops and restaurants. If you manage to visit this area, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of good photos of Indian culture and vibe.

Chinatown - The Chinese characters written on the walls and lanterns will take you to the other side. The well-preserved buildings, night markets, bars, and Chinese street foods will definitely make you “ feeling like a local.” There are also lots of good cafes here.

The Downtown Core - It’s where the central business district lies, surrounded by fascinating skyscrapers, luxury hotels, and high streets. Upscale, high-end and glamorous, these words describe the area. Wanna feel the crazy rich Asian vibe, step up the streets of the Bayfront.

These are only a few astonishing areas of Singapore, but there are still a lot of locations like Gardens by the Bay, Clarke Quay and East Coast that are also worth to visit. Before I forgot, head up to Universal Studios and Singapore Zoo, these places are filled with fun and excitement.