Keeping The Momentum

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Howdy, everyone? It's been a while since I last dropped by here. I was too busy these past few days (kinda exhausting), but anyway, I am here and excited to share something that I realized over the past few weeks of working with other people and being productive. Here's the link of the video I did as a tribute to all my fellow hardworking colleagues all over the world. Actually, this gave me awareness in different aspects of life after I came up with the idea and successfully pulling it off.

Many of you may come to the point of losing that momentum in this so-called life and think that you are stuck in the middle. Sometimes I also feel the same way. We are just humans and its normal to get sad sometimes but always keep in mind that in this planet, even if its round, there are some corners where you can't just find yourself but in the best way of rebuilding and recreating your life.

This is what I gained over the past few weeks of taking some responsibility, which turned into an opportunity to break some of my limits.

Tips on keeping that momentum and grasping that best version of you:

1. Never go out of the house without carrying CONFIDENCE

Don't underestimate the power of confidence because this is your key in pulling off things and achieving your goals at the end of the day but take note, too much possession of this can be a lil bit dangerous. Know how to keep it in balance.

2. Never limit yourself

Stopping yourself from doing things beyond what you can imagine- is the time that you'll get totally stuck and can stop you in moving forward. Hey, the world has a lot to offer, and he's just waiting for you to explore and discover. Try new things once in a while.

3. Do the things you love and what makes you happy

Whether it's charitable work, music, sports, photography, poetry...ANYTHING. Give yourself a chance to indulge in the things that satisfy you. These are one of the things that can help you counteract all the sadness, stress, and anxiety that you may feel sometimes.

4. Stay Active

We always hear or read in some books and magazines that physical exercise releases happy hormones in our body and yes, for me I started feeling good about myself after I decided and commit myself in doing regular physical activities. In fact, it helped me not just to feel awesome most of the time, but it aided me to neutralize stress and teach me how to become more goal-oriented. Weight training, calisthenics and the like don't just make your body look good, it's just a bonus. For me, discipline and learning how to persevere is the best giveaway. It is the best way to engage your mind and body to connect with each other. But never push to the extent of exhaustion. learn how to rest and recover effectively - BALANCE.

5. Always remember that you are UNIQUE

All of us are not the same. Even our fingerprints tell us that we are unique. See yourself in a brighter point of view and tell yourself you are an exceptional individual with talents, positive traits and can make others happy by sharing good vibes in your own special way.

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Thanks for dropping by. Till next time