Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Howdy fellas, I hope all of you are safe, still hanging on, and keeping your spirits up. It’s been a long time since I last posted here, and I can’t wait to share with you what I was up on that very long time. We are still struggling with the pandemic and some of us are already going nuts, thinking of how to survive in this phenomenon. Things have changed.. a lot: our priorities, views, and even our lifestyle. Some can keep up while others stuck in the corners of quarantine and lockdown. It’s quite undeniable that it greatly affected us in different ways. Challenges arise in coping up with stress, depression, and anxiety brought by isolation and social distancing, being away in what we call our habitat. On the other hand, the race for a phenomenal vaccine is getting on its way by lightyears. If it succeeds, it’s the first time in history to produce a vaccine in just less than a year.

Anyways, I don’t wanna go too far, and while waiting for the better days to come, I wanna share with you guys what I found over the long period of lockdowns, social distancing, and isolation. Well, you may agree or not, the long time we spent inside our house somewhat tickled our brains and gave us the light to focus on ourselves… to do better. AND to be better.

My colleague and I came up with an idea to express what we thought helped us during times like these. The time of a social disturbance, a global crisis, a struggle we are facing every day in this fast-paced world. How to be better in times like this where everything is in chaos? How to keep our spirits high where fear and anxiety circulates around us. Change is constant, but this time, it evolves so rapidly, causing the world to reboot.

Something came across my mind on how to keep up despite the massive changes happening to the world every single day. I gathered some tips with my mates on how to achieve something great during this time, something that really made us feel good and feel better. Check out the short clip below and hope you’ll find something that can change the way you look towards lifestyle change and becoming better.

Our body is our shelter, our home. The food we eat really speaks of who we are. I’m not saying that we need to sacrifice our unhealthy cravings and get depressed by not having them at all. Sometimes, we can dive into our flavourful fantasies but in moderation and should be under our control. We’ll put this more simply, instead of calling those “unhealthy” food, we can say it the “less healthy” one. Indulging in “less healthy food” sometimes is okay. And.. never forget to DRINK MORE WATER.

Staying active and fit is one of the most important things to achieve your goals. Routine workouts will definitely step up your game in strengthening your will-power and self-discipline. Stick to an exercise routine that you love and suits your schedule. Focus on your strength and build confidence and eventually will result in consistency and perseverance. Don’t look over the results, you’ll easily get frustrated. Instead, love the process. In this way, you will be surprised that your fitness journey is already going too far.

A great mind really counts. Feeding your ideas with wisdom and knowledge will widen your outlook and perspective towards life, leading you to become wiser in dealing with challenges. Fuel your passion, explore your potential. Never limit yourself in learning new things because it might open your doors to something that will make you wow.

Connection.. connection... This is vital in maintaining our sanity during these times. Sharing our thoughts and exchanging ideas with someone to release our stress and emotions can help us unload that heavy baggage we get from the daily pressure and demands, and also take some time to connect with nature - a way to relax and rejuvenate.

Remember that becoming better is a choice. Having that optimistic mindset and letting go of the things that stop us is the key to jumpstart. Live life to the fullest. Create something amazing... Inspire people.. Do better.. Be better.. Start doing it today and feel great about yourself. Stay safe and stay awesome.

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