After ​​Hours at Keong Saik Road

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Located in Chinatown, a road that links New Bridge Road to Neil Road is one of the coolest spots to have a coffee, dine and have a few drinks in the late afternoon. Being featured as one of the top ten destinations in Asia by The Lonely Planet Magazine, Keong Saik Road offers a lot of good vibes from the sprouting hotels, cafes, and rooftop bars.

Keong Saik Road

Whenever I want to unwind and get myself back on the track, this is one of the places I usually visit. I often drop by at Working Class Coffee and grab a flat white. The shop has that laidback ambiance with a funky industrial-themed interior and free wifi access, perfect for my coffee while browsing some interesting kinds of stuff on the internet or reading some relevant articles and inspiring blogs.

The Working Class Coffee

Another favorite spot of mine at Keong Saik Road is the Potato Head Folks. This four-storey drinking hideout, a restaurant, and a dazzling tropical bohemian rooftop bar have a vibrant deco which makes it unique and outstanding. I am somehow a fan of tropical house beats, and this spot is perfect for after hours. Listening to some chill and upbeat tracks while sipping on spicy Negronis at the rooftop will surely loosen all those tensions in your mind.

Found also at Potato Head Singapore, The Three Buns at the ground floor serves mouth-watering burgers and is well-known for their gourmet burgers and crafted cocktails.

Potato Head Folks

To those wine enthusiasts, Wine and Chef is perfect to have a glass of Italian wines while pairing it with their selection of cheese. It also offers an infusion of Hokkien and Italian cooking, located at 7 Keong Saik Rd; this place will definitely revive the vibe you always wanted.

Keong Saik Road was dubbed before as the prominent red light district in Singapore however it slowly metamorphosed into a hip spot for the locals and expats to dine and to have a good time. The street offers a vast choice of food and drinks and is full of hottest tables that serve a variety of flavors.

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