Fresh Start

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Hey guys?! How are we? Hope everyone has good vibes. My days got a bit more hectic with a lot of movements I had undergone lately. Decision makings, choosing the right plans and one of them is moving into another flat which a bit stressful but yeah, it was totally awesome — moving into another place that suits my needs and a much more comfortable environment. Everything was a mess at the start like stirring things up, shifting the entire wardrobe, but eventually, things get much more aligned to what I was expecting yet, I need to start from plain white.

It is where I got my inspiration of wearing an all-white outfit while getting some new things for my new room and for myself, which somewhat connects to what I am going through right now (haha). A simple white button-down shirt, ripped white jeans and my favorite white airforce sneakers really rocked my day of shopping in an industrial set up. What I really love about this style - straightforward yet eye-catchy.

Pulling off a monochrome is not that very daunting, with just simple pieces of accessories, it will elevate the game. I added some touch of ruggedness wearing a black beaded bracelet, a necklace, and a mesh silver white grand watch which gave character to the look.

Black Beaded Bracelet - H&M / Mesh Silver White Watch - Capitola Watches

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Most of us will say that fresh starts are intimidating but exciting, and I totally agree on that; it's a perfect time to recreate with everything like adding some details, putting up some twists and setting up your own vibe which is somehow similar in pulling off this white monochrome outfit.

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