Elevating The Style With One of Vietnam's Secret Finds | Saigon Armory

The modern men of 2019 are digging into details when it comes to styling. From the different aspects of clothes to shoes, they became more particular and cautious in doing mix and match. Accessories like a vintage watch and even a bracelet plays a big part in each statement which highlights the overall look. The wrist is the most natural part for the guys to add such complimenting details and adding some pieces of versatile watches or a simple cuff bracelet will enhance every man's style.

When I was in Vietnam, I discovered a retail shop housed in a local cafe that sells unique sections of bracelets and other metal accessories. This collection of handmade accessories caught my attention.

Perfectly designed for everyone, each piece has its unique character that will suit different kinds of personality.

The custom, handmade metal accessories from Saigon Armory based in Saigon, Vietnam was one of the things that made me not to forget my trip. I love the blend of simplicity and ruggedness in each design, and I didn't have any doubt to own one of it. Each piece is hammered 300 times before it is shaped and polished, and every bit was named after the areas in Vietnam that made each item genuinely epic.

Saigon Armory Collection

I got myself a copper bracelet named after the charming and alluring city of Danang, dubbed as the " Living City" of Vietnam.

Aside from the classic design and versatility of the Danang copper bracelet, wearing pure copper accessories was believed to be beneficial to the human body as there are writings and recorded scripts of the usage of copper to boost one's energy levels and immunity during the ancient Egyptian civilization.

Those pure metals handmade in Saigon delivers an elegant touch with a dash of roughness that creates a balance in each model. Minimalistic and sophisticated, these metal accessories are perfect for accentuating a casual look, a street style or even a formal one.

Style tip: Metal chains and bracelets are very versatile and can elevate most of the styles. Wearing them on the opposite wrist from your watch will drag you to the safer side of styling. Just be careful when layering such items with other cuffs. It will somehow make or break your whole appearance.

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