Ditching Jeans

Hello guys. What's up?! I'm somehow getting tired of jeans lately. Yeah, they're very versatile and easy to style with, however in some cases ditching jeans doesn't only change a statement but also the mood. I haven't tried exploring new styles before since I am a fan of wearing classic denim jeans. It stumbled across my mind to try some things that I'm not used and yes, I like it.

Wearing a good pair of trousers isn't only for a formal occasion. They are also flexible especially those that are made in light and stretchable material. Not as the same as the classic jeans in terms of versatility but it's a great way to add variety in everyone's appeal. What I love in wearing this stuff is that they are very comfortable and stylish. It's a bit challenging to match with other pieces of clothes, but if done right and pulled it off, you'll gonna be a head turner. hahaha. I usually stick with primary and neutral tones when I choose a pair of pants most of the time because it's easy to complement with a wide selection of clothes that depends on my style. They are also perfect for different types of footwear such as the Chelsea boots, low cut sneakers, and loafers.

A great pair of trousers is something a guy needs to have in his wardrobe. They are not made just for formal occasions. In fact, some pants that are made with lighter materials and softer than denim can be as casual as the jeans, and it's very relaxed.

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