Destination: Singapore | Urban Backdrops

Singapore, tagged as one of the futuristic cities around the globe, although it's land area is way too small from other big cities all over the world, the little red dot is oozing with so many astonishing locations that could elevate any style in any content, be it in social media, campaigns or photography portfolios.

One thing I really admire about Singapore is the perfect urban backdrops scattered all over the area. Since I am a big fan of street photography and urban style, I’m going to share some stunning locations perfect for your urban-themed content. Check out the short clip below.

Esplanade Bridge

Nestled between the famous Merlion and the "Durian" inspired architectural structure - Theatres on the Bay. The symmetrical design, crisp and shadowed curves are perfect for the moody vibe and editorial shoots. The monochromatic architecture and the towering structure will surely elevate the emotion and the story in every photo.

People's Park Complex Rooftop

I really love the energy of the striking yellow building with a rustic, industrial vibe. It can level up those jump shots and exhilarating poses perfect for a sporty and quirky vibe. Another plus point for me is the overlooking skyline of Chinatown at the rooftop.

Marina Square Maze

It's a minimalist's dream. The white labyrinth in Marina

Square is massive feed envy. Looking from the top of the maze really excites my imagination. It was a heaven for those who love minimalism. It’s a perfect place for those who can create a thousand thoughts in pictures with plain white backdrops.

National Gallery Singapore

If you love a more classy and exquisite vibe, the National Gallery of Singapore is a perfect backdrop. The aesthetic design of the building and the glamour of the interior will levitate your classic style.

Central Business District

Slick suits, leathers, and denim - Rock it. The vibe of theCBD or the Central Business District has a lot to offer. From the busy streets to it's dark alleys, anyone can pitch a suave look or a rugged style in every photo, the cityscape is a haven for guys who love street photography and urban fashion.

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