Destination : Boraca​y

Hi guys! It's been a while since I left work to explore some places that could get me a good dose of good vibes and I can't wait to share it with you my awesome experience in the new Boracay of the Philippines. June is very special to me because it's my birth month and I decided to go back home to celebrate my very special day with the one who truly loves me, my family. Planning a trip to Boracay at first gave me a lot of questions and doubts considering Boracay was shut down for a massive rehabilitation recently; I've always been spending my summer vacation almost every year way back when I was still working in my country, and I was so surprised by what happened in Boracay after the huge touch-up.

Boracay was then known as one of the beach party destinations in the world, throwing some exciting beach parties and having one of the best nightlife in the archipelago. As the years pass by, Boracay became overcrowded. Thus, making the crystal clear waters and white sandy shore lost its beauty. The government initiated steps in preserving the Island's popular white beach, and operations in Boracay were ceased to give way for a massive clean up.

So, a lot of you guys will ask, What does the new Boracay offer to the people? Is the "party island" vibe still up in the air? Are exciting activities totally banned?

I can say that Boracay is still alive, but unlike in the previous, the place became a little less noisy and lively as compared before. Nightclubs and bars along the white beach are still there and still pumping the nights of the Island. However, fire dancing shows were banned, and beach parties along the shore were prohibited.

Day activities such as the famous Island hopping, Parasailing, Helicopter Tour, Scuba-diving, and of course, my favorite Paraw Sailing are still up and continues to excite both the locals and the tourists. You guys can check out Klook and see the list of activities you can enjoy in the Island.

Overall, I think Boracay is still smashing; not as one of the best tropical beach party destination, but a laidback Island that still wows the visitors because of the stunning sunset, fine white sand, and turquoise waters.

Hitting the waves of White Beach Boracay soon? Here is the list of what I've smoked out in the Island on a weekend:

1. But First - REAL COFFEE.
2. Catching the golden hour and lounging on Paraw Beach Club
3. Hookah Nights at Wave Bar and Lounge
4. Espresso shots at Cha Cha's Beach Cafe The Coast Boracay
5. Island Hopping and basking under the sun at Puka Beach
6. A sumptuous lunch at the Street Market Station X
7. Sippin on cocktails at Prisma Hue Hotels and Resorts Boracay
8. Breathtaking Sunset Paraw Sailing
9. Boodle Fight at Kaon Restaurant The Tides Hotel Boracay
10. A bottle of wine at The Tides Hotel Rooftop Bar
11. Reggae Vibes at BOMBOM Bar
12. Jamming with the DJs at EPIC Bar
13. Caffeine Fix at the Little Wave Coffee Station X
14. Shopping at D'Mall

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