​But First. Coffee.

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Most of us, coffee is already a part of our daily routines. I, personally love coffee so much and not having even a cup for a day affects my mood, srsly.

The first thing the morning, after I woke up, I usually grab a cup of coffee to stimulate my senses to get the fire burning throughout the day, and I bet you are also like me.

Whenever I'm free, I usually spend my time in some quirky cafes, reading some articles that I love, updating my playlist in Spotify, and of course, have my caffeine fix.

Here are my favorite go-to cafes whenever I want to chill down and get rejuvenated:

1. Sarnies - Located at Telok Ayer Street, This cool cafe is one of my favourite because of its vibe. Not just they serve good breakfast, salads, and sandwiches but they nailed their cuppa. Bulletproof coffee and a shot of Italiano are my bet.

Website: www.sarniescafe.com

Instagram: @sarnies.sg


2. Free The Robot - Housed also near Sarnies; this shop has a fancy interior with Robots painted on the walls. The cafe was a bit dim, but it works. The design was great. This place is perfect to get your coffee fix and re-energize. They serve Western-style brunch food and what I love in this cafe is their Free-the-robot signature coffee that twists a familiar espresso+milk, they just added a bit of coconut oil, how's that?

Website: www.freetherobot.com

Instagram: @freetherobot.sg

Free The Robot

3. The Dapper Coffee- Nestled in the 2nd floor of 73A Amoy Street, is where you can find glitters in cold brew coffee. Yes, a glittering coffee that will amaze everyone. The rustic,

Old-English inspired interior added some hype on their signature cold brews: Unicorn Tears, Gold Brew, and Merlion Blood. Check it out and get amazed.

Website: www.dappercoffee.com

Instagram: @dappercoffee

Dapper Coffee

4. Monument Lifestyle - Located at 75 Duxton Road, this cafe doesn't just have good coffee and tea, they also sell a lot of home goods like scented candles and reed diffusers which could be a perfect gift for someone, plus, they have a retail store for some stylish dudes out there. If you want to get some ideas and inspiration for your wardrobe or fixing your boyfriend's closet , head up to Monument lifestyle, grab a shot of cortado and enjoy shopping.

Website: www.monumentlifestyle.com

Instagram: @monumentlifestyle

Monument Lifestyle

5. The Social Space - Because I love Bali, this cafe is one of my favourite place to hang out by myself. Why? The area is just as impressive as you are in Bali, with the native island vibe and cool tropical interiors. This cafe doesn't only offers a good cuppa, but they have fair-trade goods that will surely make you think to visit Bali soon. I love their piccolos served in an ear cup, that's so unique. The Social Space is located at 333 Kreta Ayer Road. If you manage to visit this place, bring a bag, you might get a lot of good pieces of stuff.

Website: www.thesocialspace.co

Instagram: @thesocialspace.sg

The Social Space