A Unique and Trendy Guidebook | Lost Guides 1st Edition: Singapore

Hello guys! Hope you are all well and smashing good vibes. It has been a year since I moved to Singapore and I'm still in awe uncovering its hidden gems. The little red dot has numerous jars to offer, and it's truly undeniable that this tiny country is considered as one of the top destinations in Asia.

I always relish to discover some secret places and hidden treasures that capture the interests of the people, widen each and everyone's outlook and can give surprising ideas to the many.

Visiting a local bookstore at Tiong Bahru made me discovered a travel guide that unlocks the best of Singapore, and lead me to the best places, speakeasies, mind-blowing local shops, and charming cafes of the Lion City.

Lost Guides 1st Edition: Singapore, written by Anna Chittenden, is a perfect guidebook for everyone eager to unscrew the hidden gems of the little red dot. The book covers the ten areas of Singapore with its distinct nature and diverse character. Every place that is featured has its own unique identity. It also offers some recommendations and tips that will make your travel experience worthwhile.

The unique, stylish and offbeat travel guidebook contains original photographs taken by the author itself. It also features some of the well-known personalities in their field and pieces of literature that will inspire travelers and readers.

The book suits for the stylish travelers that are interested in experience rather than spending a lot and also for the nomads who love authenticity and variety.

Website: www.thelostguides.com

Instagram: @lostguides

I got this cool guidebook at Books Actually, located at 9 Yong Siak St, Singapore 168645.

Website: https://www.booksactuallyshop.com