Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Before, I was one of those many guys who are shy and feeling not comfortable with myself. I prefer to do my own thing rather than mingle and talk to other people. I tend to act most of the time awkwardly, and I never gain any confidence at all.

I started finding ways to change my perspectives and seek some motivation to improve myself. Listening to the podcast of Myke Macapinlac, getting some ideas from Aaron Marino and Alex Costa, and trying different styles are some of the few things that encouraged me to step up my game and helped me a lot to change for the better.

I want to share with you guys what I found constructive on gaining confidence and feeling better with myself.

Tip #1. Don't hate yourself. Accept your imperfections.

Everyone has its imperfections, and you are not alone. Explore your potentials and focus on how to enhance it will definitely change the way you see yourself. Never hate yourself because there's something in you that can influence others and you might turn to be one of their inspirations in life.

Tip #2. Learn. Discover. Explore.

The world has a lot to offer. Find time to learn more in-depth on what interests you. Discover some things that you had never encounter before and Explore places you've never been. These will help you widen your perspectives.

Tip #3. Dress well. Don't slouch. Act natural.

Appearance plays a significant role in how do people look at you. Try to find your style, learn to experiment and see what works on you. Stand tall and don't slouch, it boosts your confidence and helps you handle things with coolness under pressure. Don't act too hard to please others, it might end up not good. Try to stay natural.

Tip #4. Smile. Eye Contact.

Two of the most powerful body language, I guess. A smile can influence other's mood and considered as one of the beautiful gestures of every human. Maintaining eye contact with someone you talk merely shows that you're sincere. So, try practicing these two powerful body language and see the difference.

Tip #5. Be good to others.

Treating others like how nice you treat yourself is the most attractive thing a person can do. I heard this from one of the famous image consultant, and yeah, it's true.

These are the things that I find very useful on how I gained confidence in my own skin and expanded my perspective. I hope you guys got something and helped you change the way you see yourself in a better way.