5 Artists Who Have Inspired Me

Pulling off a great photo is a difficult task that requires a good eye but unfolding the story and bringing out the emotions in each photograph is much more challenging. When I started out doing street photography, I was overwhelmed with the different styles and techniques in framing beautiful images. I came across lots of work by many famous street photographers, and it made me admire more the beauty of the street, the aesthetic urban life, and the engaging stories of the people. I spent a lot of time browsing their works, studying composition, framing, and lighting. Looking at how they deliver and convey the message through compelling images inspires me to create my portfolio.

Today, I want to share with you five photographers who influenced my approach when taking photographs. Those artists introduced to me the beauty of geometry, the dynamics of natural and artificial light, and the ever-changing behavior of the street. They were my stimulus to create something, to frame a provoking image to make everyone appreciate life.

Saul Leiter

Known for daub-like brushstrokes in his works, Saul Leiter executes his masterpiece with elegance and harmonious intertwined colors that make his photos stand out with painterly qualities. His contributions to color photography were enormous and paved the way for street color photography enthusiasts.

mcmxckid, Singapore., 2021

Henri Cartier-Bresson

He is the father of candid photography and the one who is behind capturing the decisive moments. His genius compositions and interjection of geometry to his works in a narrative way make his images remarkable.

mcmxckid, Singapore., 2021

Daido Moriyama

I didn't understand the way he delivers his images when I first browse through his works, but there's something in his photos that keeps me coming back over and over. His punching out of focus black and white images was imperfect by traditional standards, but the imperfections are the ones that give interest in his outputs.

mcmxckid, Singapore., 2021

Gueorgui Pinkhassov

He was underrated, but his works inspired me a lot in using layers and unusual framing. I admire how he creates stunning photos with his awareness of light and distortions. The use of colors brings out the abstract aesthetic in his photographs.

mcmxckid, Singapore., 2021

Melissa Breyer

Her cinematic approach is what I love about her work. The subtle and delicate use of shadows and negative space brings out the passion and emotion in every photograph. She deliberately executes enigma in her images which draws the feelings into it and makes it more compelling.

mcmxckid, Singapore., 2021

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